The joy of learning in their own way

There’s nothing that fills my heart with peace more than seeing my children learning in an environment custom made for them. I mean, how often can you walk from room to room in your home and see your kids fully engaged in learning?

Katya working

I can relate.  I’m a “floor sitter” too and do my best learning that way! In the picture above, my daughter (the floor sitter) is working with a friend on a literary analysis paper.

Dania working


In this picture, my oldest daughter is engrossed in a Marketing course she’s taking through The Keystone School, an online high school.

For us girls, the free exchange of ideas and relaxed learning style is paramount to success. My son does better sitting upright at a desk,  that is, when he’s not bouncing on my exercise ball.

Your turn: In what ways do your students learn best?

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