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Joy Story: Homeschooling changes lives forever!

Thank you all for your patience and prayers as we went through the process of dual enrollment in our local community college.

I’m thrilled to report that my daughter, Katya, was accepted into the program. After a long four hour testing period, she exhibited mastery of all subjects. It means big changes in our homeschooling routine for next year and I feel the pressure lifted from my shoulders.

And by that I mean literal pressure – and pinching. I hold all my stress in my shoulders and suffer from pinched nerves that prevent me from turning my head sometimes.

Homeschooling teenagers is not all fun and games. Surprised? They can be as stubborn and set in their ways as adults – training for old age I guess. Anyway, I went for a celebratory massage the next day!


At the same time, I regret to say that my nephew, Justin, wasn’t accepted into the program. This is difficult for all of us, but he exhibited courage and grace well beyond his seventeen years. Now, he and his mom are trying to determine the right path for him to follow for next year.

Despite this setback, I also got some good news today after his mom called the college’s program director. He told her Justin was only four points away from mastering the English requirement. Four points! We could hardly believe it because all his life Justin was labeled learning disabled in reading skills.

In fact, when he came to me from public school a year and a half ago in 9th grade, he only read at the 5th grade level. This last national testing revealed that he was up to a 10th grade level. The Accuplacer test shows that he has the potential to work at the college level.

This is not to toot my own horn, but goes to show what daily one-on-one help and encouragement can do for a kid beaten down by a system that wrote him off as “unable.”

It’s great that Katya got in, but for me and even bigger payoff is knowing Justin’s life is changed forever. He’s not the speechless, broken kid he once was, but has a new confidence for the road ahead.

All glory goes to God for that. Can I get an Amen?

Now you: What’s been your biggest homeschooling joy story this year?

Homeschool Help: Encouragement for Uncertain Times

As I sit enthralled by the television coverage of Ebola, and watch frightened parents take their children out of school I can’t help wonder “What if…?”

What if this becomes a common occurrence? What if American parents decide that public school isn’t safe anymore?

What if they don’t know what to do next?

I know how it feels.

If you told me five years ago I’d be homeschooling my children I would have said you were nuts. I would have said that I wasn’t qualified or patient enough. And to be honest, I simply didn’t want to.

Until I had to.

When my oldest child endured a cyber-bullying attack in her first year of high school everything changed. We not only removed her, we made the difficult decision to homeschool all three of our kids.

You know what? It’s been the biggest adventure and best decision our family’s ever made, which brings me to the point of this blog.

Homeschool Zoo

My goal is two-fold: I want to encourage nervous parents who feel they can’t homeschool and I want to have a place to showcase fun photos, resources and books that help me along the way.

When God gave us the gift of our children, he equipped us with the love and practical knowledge to do what’s best for them. If you’re thinking of homeschooling, I hope I can help you overcome the fear of it and strengthen you for the journey ahead.

I hope you enjoy this space and visit again soon!